Lights Camera Filters?

So all along I have said 1 particular thing. I wanted to upload some images here so I could look back later and see if I have learned anything since. A couple things that I have learned about photography that I really need to be aware of: Glass Glass Glass and Lighting.My main nagging question is what ND filter to use?

Yes, choose the right glass and by all means know how to use the light source you have on hand. I have the glass part covered for now, kind of, however I am struggling light wise. There is 2 things I struggle with right now:

  • How to use natural light to my advantage
  • How to use the light properly and not blow out highlights or destroy shadows

Recently, I have been uploading some images I took of some falls that are rather local to me. In these images I used a couple different lenses and tried a couple different settings. Most images I upload will not be edited in light room so I can compare the raw images that I took now and in the future. Oh yeah, I am shooting in Raw format.

My Kinkaid Lake Spillway gallery images, I feel I would have had better results with a ND filter and Polarizer. Please feel free to check the images out and give me thoughts in a kind manner. I am truly a beginner after all.

Please Be aware that I mention activities that may be dangerous from time to time or may challenge your fitness. Please remember to be safe and consult a doctor before strenuous activities. And remember if going alone, let someone know your location just in case. Have a quick look here please.

Interested in a ND Filter? Take a quick look at this one:

K&F Concept 52mm ND8 to ND128 Variable Neutral Density Filter Slim Fader ND Filter 3 Stop to 7 Stop ND8-ND128 for Camera Lens NO X Spot Nanotec Ultra-Slim Weather-Sealed

One thought on “Lights Camera Filters?

  • So yet again another weekend came and went with some good images, or would have been if not for white shirts and gowns with all white panel fence behind with a VERY bright sun shine. All summer now and you would think this rookie mistake would have been learned. So this wedding day will never happen again and I will never get these shots ever again. Lesson learned, be prepared folks.

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