Welcome To My PaPa Ray’s Photography

Welcome! I find it fascinating when people stop by and visit anything I put online such as my YouTube channel or a blog. But none the less I am so glad you came! Soon I will have a photo gallery up and be posting my pictures (some, not all) of my photo adventures. After all, what fun is taking photos if we can’t share them right?

Take care and be well all! Catch you soon! #GetWellSoonWorld

One thought on “Welcome To My PaPa Ray’s Photography

  • Carrie

    Thanks for the welcome!

    I agree. Photography is no fun if not for sharing the images. Back when images were actually developed and put on slides or in albums, we used to sit around for hours and look at them. Now it seems we snap images on our phones or cameras and they get stored and are never to be seen again.

    You have a great start here! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to stopping back by and joining in on some more conversations and maybe sharing as well!

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