Photos and Mobility Challenges

As I sit here watching the YouTube greats like Peter Mckinnon, Jared Polin, Mark A.K.A. Realworld, I have to take notice that all of these guys are able to not only get good eye shot angles but they get other angles as well that take their photos over the top.

So many times we get caught up in the idea that we just point and shoot and that is the end of the photo. for 90% of us I believe that to be true. However, for the other 10% they are not stopping there. They are getting prone, kneeling down, laying on their sides, climbing obstacles, or whatever it takes to get that great shot, that true once in a lifetime shot!

What about just going places? Forget all the fancy angles and laying here or climbing there. What about the ability to get places? What is you have a disability? Do you let that stop you or do you go for it anyhow? Do you only go to where you can pull off the side of the road and grab and “point and shoot”? Do you actually try to go further than the side of the road?

With so many great places to go I often wonder how this works for so many. I am not 100% to the point that I can not get out and about but my mobility is pretty limited. I won’t be climbing rocks to get that angle, I won’t be prone that’s for sure, but none the less I am still not trying to settle for point and shoot and off the side of the road shots.

So I sit here and wonder about people in my predicament and wonder what they do about it. Do they eat pain meds and off they go on the adventure of a lifetime? I hope not as that could be pretty dangerous. Walking sticks, back braces, a combo of both, I’m not real sure. But one thing is certain, something has to work for us.

One thing for sure is there are way to many places out there to take pictures of. So while I am trying to figure it all out, I’ll try to figure it out from out there. Sitting at home isn’t going to get anything solved and only puts good camera gear to no good use and more fat on the belly.

Some (SSI docs), not all doctors, would love for me to sit at home and not get fat while doing absolutely nothing (is it at all Possible?) at all so I don’t hurt myself any more or further my back situation along at a more rapid pace. My thought is this and it is real simple. No! Sometimes it is all about the quality, not the quantity.

Grab your gear and go and get out and about. You know your limits and if you do not, make sure to talk with your doctors first and give this a quick read if you have not. If you have never photographed anything and it is interesting to you, this is a wonderful way to get out and just walk a little or a lot. You don’t have to climb, lay prone or none of that. You can “point and shoot” if you so choose. In the end the goal is to get up off our duffs and grab some gear and go take some pictures good or bad and share them and have loads of fun!

This post is full of Opinion and non facts. Please give this link a quick read if you have not already.


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