My Equipment

Hello everyone. As you may have read in my About me … You haven’t read it yet? It’s ok, you can click this link after. Anyhow, as you may or may not have read, I own Nikon gear. I am by no means a pro nor do I consider myself a amateur. I just call myself a person who is having fun trying.

Here is what I use:

  • Nikon D3500
  • Nikkor Fixed 50 1.8 G Otherwise known as the “Nifty 50”
  • Nikkor Fixed 35 1.8 G
  • My 2 kit lenses the 18×55 and the 70 x 300
  • Joby SLR Model Gorilla Pod
  • Zomei Q666 Tripod

I would love to upgrade to a mirrorless someday but for now I really do enjoy using what I have and am awful grateful for what I have. Like many others my mind always changes as does one’s camera bag. I am sure I will be updating this post or making another in the future.

Take care and be well all! #GetWellSoonWorld

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