Lights Camera Filters?

So all along I have said that I wanted to upload some images here so I could look back later and see if I have learned anything or made any progress at all. So far there are a couple things that I have learned about photography that I really need to be aware of: Glass Glass Glass and Lighting.

Yes, choose the right glass and by all means know how to use the light source you have on hand. I have the glass part covered for now, however I am struggling light wise. I do not know or understand how to use natural light efficiently to make a photo look decent without destroying shadows blowing out highlights.

I am now uploading some images I took of some falls that are rather local to me. In these images I used a couple different lenses and tried a couple different settings. Most images I upload will not be edited in light room so I can compare the raw images that I took now and in the future. Oh yeah, I am shooting in Raw format.

For most of my Kinkaid Lake Spillway gallery images, I feel as though I would have had much better results with a decent ND filter and Polarizer. Please feel free to check the images out and give me thoughts in a kind manner. I am truly a beginner after all.

One thought on “Lights Camera Filters?

  • So yet again another weekend came and went with some good images, or would have been if not for white shirts and gowns with all white panel fence behind with a VERY bright sun shine. All summer now and you would think this rookie mistake would have been learned. So this wedding day will never happen again and I will never get these shots ever again. Lesson learned, be prepared folks.

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