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From time to time here at PaPa Ray’s Photography, I may mention issues that I have that prevent me from doing certain things or certain things I do or have done that help me to get out and about and enjoy photography as best that my abilities will allow at this time.

I have a YouTube channel and I mainly discuss my issues with my back and some medical procedures I have had done and what it has done for my life. The comments flow in all but daily how thankful people are for my videos and how they got their life back, etc.

While I most certainly do appreciate that and it makes me feel real good, I do stop and remind them as well that under no circumstance should anything I say ever be taken as any kind of medical advice. What has worked for me may not work for you. What was not good for me, may be the million dollar fix for you! So please accept what I say as only my opinion. After all, that is what the purpose of my blog is really, to share my photos and opinions.

Please refer to the following policies for more details.


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