Goodbye Milky Way

Well as my first Milky Way Galaxy season comes to a close I must report that I did not get out a single time to try to get any photos. I do live in a very bad light pollution area East of the Mississippi river and through everything I had going on this year oh and a little world wide pandemic, things just didn’t work out for me as planned.

I sat here with my PhotoPills App (I highly recommend it if you already do not own it) and had planned the trip all out to the Levee down on the Big Muddy River at the Larue-Pine Hills National Natural Landmark of the Shawnee Forest here in Illinois. If you have never been there, I suggest checking it out. Do some research first and know and understand what you are getting into. There are venomous snakes there as well as all kinds of other critters to see including the Snake Road.

If you have not ventured to this place, check it out!

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