Editing Photos and Coffee

So what do I Use To Edit?

Photo Editing and Coffee
Coffee and editing, a fun day for sure!

A fact of life as photographers that we come to grips with is that we at some point, will be editing photos. Early on I learned a very valuable lesson and that is that I am not very good at image editing. Will I ever get better at it? Some time down the road I can see myself being better but for today I will gladly accept what it is that I am capable of accomplishing.

I have tried various free software titles out there and none of them really treated me real well. Some of them that I had issues with was really self inflicted. Gimp by far was the worst one for me. It is a fine piece of software but the learning curve on it is huge and frankly speaking I am and was already spoiled on Adobe.

What Adobe Products Then?

Currently, I am a monthly subscriber to adobe for editing photos. As a result, my apps that I currently use to edit my images is Photoshop 2020, Lightroom Classic, and as always I have Bridge installed. I do have some very old versions of Adobe products installed from back in the day when it was still Macromedia and when Adobe still allowed outright purchase.

Is That All?

If standard images was my only images, then yes but since it is not, then no. From time to time I do some astral images as well. I use an assorted list of astral photography software as well. To name a few, Autostackert, PIPP and a few others.

What brings Editing Photos all together?

Coffee! Lots of coffee! I truly do not like editing images. If I had the capital or just outright could afford to hire someone to work for me and edit photos, some lucky soul would have a new job! However, I am just a hobbyist and I have to do it all by my self. So I fire up the coffee and keep it rolling. Coffee makes my world go round.

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*Disclaimer* This last paragraph or two is purely opinion really.

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