About PaPa Ray’s Photography

Welcome to PaPa Ray’s Photography. It has been my experience that the first sentence of an introductory paragraph is the hardest to write. In light if that fact, for the sake of expediting the process, I have sacrificed said introduction sentence.

Meet PaPa Ray

About PaPa Ray's Photography

Hello everyone, my name is Ray owner of PaPa Ray’s Photography . Here is a few fun facts about me; Never have I had the pleasure of climbing mountains, sailed across the stormy seas, nor have I ran dogs in the Iditarod (now that would be hard as hell but very fun). As a result, PaPa Ray is just your average Joe that is lucky enough to grab a camera and a bag of gear and take off and shoot what my lenses see that day. Some call this work. If this is work, I swear I will never retire!

To be truthful, I am not a professional. On most days, the amateur in me really shines through! YouTube keeps me full of ideas by watching everyone and trying to imitate what they are doing. If I can manage to get it half right, I am perfectly content.

About PaPa Ray’s Photography

Through all of this, I get to enjoy photography with my lovely wife Carrie. We live in the Egyptian Valley (Kind of odd right?) of Southern Illinois very close to the awesome Shawnee Forest with our youngest son. We enjoy getting out in nature and dragging the camera gear along with us (as my medical mobility issues will allow on a day to day basis). There are days that I can be found getting candid shots of family and friends at outings/cookouts/events. I truly do love natural pictures!

What good did it do us to take all these images if we can not share them with each other? This is the reason why we are here today, to share them all with you my friends! Come on in a join in on the fun. It is no fun if it is only me! I look forward to seeing friendly faces on the boards.

I do encourage everyone to have a quick look at our Legal Section just to make sure we are all on the same page and remember folks, this is just a blog and blogs do contain opinions.